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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] think globally so many clothing brand, if let you choose the one you consider most valuable, you'll choose who it everyone's first reaction should They are more expensive, scary, unthinkable LV, Prada, Chanel and the like. Recently, however, the advertising company Millward (MillwardBrown) released the 10th BrandZ list of the world's most valuable brand, the "world's most valuable brand clothing," the crown was awarded to Nike. Yes, the play is full of shops streets, they walked into the store will not be guilty, because you buy from Nike. Concern is that the access to Nike is not the most valuable "sportswear" brand, but the most valuable brand clothing. This is the 28th Nike into the top 100, the first 10, which beat Zara, H & amp; Retro jordans for sale M, RalphLauren, HugoBoss and TommyHilfiger. In the big fashion brands, it also defeated the LV (ranked No. 32, is the most valuable luxury brands) and Hermes (No. 55). Ranked No. 7, Adidas and 9 of Lululemon is in the top 10 of the other two sports apparel brand. It is particularly worth mentioning is that last year Nike also ranked No. 34, located in LV (last year ranked No. 30) after. It seems the Chinese market prices coincide, in 2014 China's luxury goods market growth was -1%, in 2013 has only 2%. But the 2014 fiscal year, Nike Greater China revenue of $ 2.602 billion, up 9.29% over last year. So it is not hard to see why this would be the Nike LV squeeze under the altar, sales data market is the best evidence. And often people mention par with Nike Adidas, Greater fiscal 2014, compared with 1.811 billi cheap jordans for sale on euros. By contrast, the domestic sports brands simply can not compete with, once the darling of the market, Li Ning (LiNing), first half 2014 net loss of 586 million yuan; rising star ANTA 2014 net profit of 1.7 billion yuan. On the Chinese market, Nike is still the people's favorite. Why Nike will replace the LV to become the most valuable brand of clothing, in fact, between the big fashion trend and not unrelated. Sport-style clothes had previously been confined to only the movement of people also needs clothing, with between fashionable simply not take the relationship, functional, real wear to a large degree had a sense of fashion and design degree. Do you remember it? A few years ago the school's Cock silk men generally are considered to be wearing sportswear boys yet. And now comfortable and stylish cheap jordan shoes for men sporty fashion has been popular in fashion circles a few years, and there is no meaning to subside. Even big-name luxury goods are released sporty clothes, you will feel sporty just "sports community" thing yet. SportyLook fit for today's young people yearning for a better Farm Body Farm, there is no one like today's era to the body's curves from this so Duo Qiqi strange name: Vest line, bikini bridge, mermaid line, flank, etc. . But fitness is to fashion, sportswear if a drag, that does not run counter to the original intention of the Well. So, sportswear also fashion together. Contour clean lines and vibrant colors, loose and comfortable cut and youthful style makes fashion movement style is very popular, the most important thing is both stylish and comfortable. What baseball jackets, tennis skirts, running Cheap air jordans for sale shoes, caps, etc. are among the hot single product. Of course, although the market environment good, but why can Nike topped the list, but not the same type of Adidas, New Balance, Reebok or Mizuno it? Nike's genius lies not only increase sales price of the product, and the establishment of an entire ecosystem, which involves: the endorser, high value-added products to sports and sporting spirit as the core marketing, leading the popular cross-border cooperation and social networking, and so on. Nike is to extend to every corner of their own field, 2014 in addition to traditional sports products, as well as popular running shoes, in September released the original female NikeWomen integrated product line, first introduced into the "lifestyle" in the field, and in 12 months and re-enable ACG (AllConditionGear cheap jordans online ) brand, to enter the outdoor market. We should have seen the latest Nike running ads on major sites, is to Wang Luo Dan headed several women came to the gym for different purposes, while tired of the tough battle scolded they are not movement of the material, but ultimately order They are beyond their own persevered, finally ending in a sentence: I did. This is simply to say the female voices of consumers, that is, the United States and want to think hard, but ultimately the intention of advertising or calling you on Nike Women buy equipment, to join the ranks of the movement, the most beautiful of their own achievements. Nike is intended to ignite a new lifestyle female ambition is plain as mortgage. Once upon a time, women are not a big customer sport consumer goods, but with the movement of goods in fashi cheap jordans for sale mens on, women deserved to become the most fashionable sporty brand favored groups. Nike CEO Mark & ??middot; Parker also said: I hope that Nike's total revenue in 2017 could reach $ 36 billion, which contributed revenue female products to occupy 20 percent of total revenue. Adidas will of course not "big cake" hand over the product to give way for women 13 years Adidas presented the "sisters in the name of all out effort" slogan, a special invitation idol Hebe spokesperson expand influence. As someone better results, but also we need the market to prove it. Second, Nike's products become more and more beautiful. Whether street shooting, T units, or the red carpet, parties, are invariably chose sneakers from the stars and the influx of people to match, sneakers far beyond the scope of the treadmill, fashion mix. N Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ike adept use of color art, caught the eye of brilliant colors, beautiful hit color, in the design of sports shoes on more and more common. Nike will these bright colors into the product, the maximum extent, reflects the vitality and passion of sport. These fluorescent colors show gas, it is a favorite of young people nowadays. Nike also has a big advantage is that Nike id, so that consumers do their own designers, DIY color of shoes, to meet the modern demands for personalized products. Of course, full of ambition Nike nature will not meet just to occupy our wardrobe and shoe, it hopes to become a part of people's daily habits, so we need to think of sport Nike. Hand Iphone friends must know the phone has a tool called Nike +, which is not only a mobile application, but Nike layout of the mobile Internet. If Retro jordans for sale you want to use the Nike +, you first need to purchase one pair of shoes Nike sensor can be placed. It differs from the ordinary running shoes that have a left foot insole under Nike pedometer. After combining App and sports equipment, users can achieve record across the globe, share their movement and other functions. Nike and Apple from the beginning of 2005 cross-border development of Nike's product portfolio, and has set up a digital motion (DigitalSport) sectors. Presumably, Nike has wanted to clear up a sports brand position and direction of development in the mobile Internet era. Of course, Nike and more on innovation and technology efforts did not forget what Flywire technology, Flyknit technology, are designed to provide users with better sports experience, so that a combination of strength and beau cheap foamposites ty to the fullest. In short, Nike has become the most potential of clothing brand is not a fluke, it contains behind Nike for consumers as well as market-oriented and strive to accurately grasp. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China sports shoes Network)The new product BAPE'09 autumn / winter August sale, APE STA have checkered red, blue, black, so you can wear your popular color, camouflage and plaid tie, as long as with the APE shirt, in wool vest, you can immediately out to Smart Style, another bow Ties today is also a hot commodity, a lot of people are afraid, afraid because of a bad, and now BAPE has launched three different colors Bow Ties can create different personal style. 2012-8-18 08:28 upload download attachment (248.61, KB) Americ Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping an street skateboard brand Vans's California branch most brought 2012 new fall series Era 59 CA "Re-Purposed Materials Pack", select the material follows the principle of material recycling, including green heavy canvas version and blue denim version of the material, two shoes were in the heel into camouflage and red a pattern of elements, and all the red color insoles, and printed Vans California iconic logo, made of special material for each pair of shoes the one and only, is now officially on sale in Urban Outfitters. 2012-8-18 08:28 upload and download attachments (273.78 KB) 2012-8-18 08:29 upload and download attachments (325.27 KB) 2012-8-18 08:29 upload and download attachments (225.41 KB) 2012-8-18 08:29 upload and download attachments (248.77 KB) 2012-8-18 08:29 upload and download attachments (292.6 KB) 2012-8-18 (08:29 upload and download attachments 157.39 KB );As a training version of the shoes, Air Jordan 11 IE Low Retro strong return this summer, get a good market response. This time taking advantage of the fall is approaching, Jordan Brand re-issued its latest color. Black leather shoes constitution, the protection device side of the shoe is to spend the golden crocodile skin, clear texture very wild, carrying a white midsole and a yellow rubber outsole go. It is reported that this pair of shoes will be held on September 19 officially on sale, priced at $ 170, a friend might like to consider to start.Earlier LeBron James couldn't wait to wear the LeBron 13 Low, and today the emperor who channel and the first step for us to bring a more detailed picture. This design style continues the high side, but the upper iconic Hyperposite was unfortunately removed, and provides cushioning in the end by the modified Air Max. The first landing version by Air Jordan Bred the most classic color design as a pioneer, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to the. release date: April 2nd nike-lebron-13-low-bred-black-red-white.jpg (68.94 KB, download number: 8) download Nike LeBron 13 Low Bred 2016-3-6 08:35 upload nike-lebron-13-low-bred-black-red-white-2.jpg (63.17 KB, download number: 11) download Nike LeBron 13 Low Bred 2016-3-6 08:35 upload nike-lebron-13-low-bred-black-red-white-1.jpg (55.43 KB, download number: 6) download Nike LeBron 13 Low Bred 2016-3-6 08:35 upload nike-lebron-13-low-bred-black-red-white-3.jpg (57.63 KB, download number: 6) download Nike LeBron 13 Low Bred 2016-3-6 08:35 upload nike-lebron-13-low-bred-black-red-white-4.jpg (40.5 KB, download number: 13) download Nike LeBron 13 Low Bred 2016-3-6 08:35 upload nike-leb0Many people would think that for many brands in 90s is the shoes of the golden age, the various brands have launched many classic works, with the brand name of street basketball started in the year 1 And launched by Stephon Marbury endorsement style, as the first and 1 And signed NBA star, the shoes with a good practical performance and low price, popular shoe fan favorite, now copy the successful model of Tai Chi, it is said that next year will start And 1 Stephon Marbury Mid engraved, love friends, please look forward to subsequent news. and1-marbury.jpg (187.45 KB, download number: 0) download And 1 Stephon Marbury 2014-12-1 14:39 upload 00

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