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"ten years grinding sword, the organic integration of hundred years brand" brand and the interpretation of life, showing the growth of the brand long road instead of a short duration of time. World marketing guru Kotler said: "if your company is just doing a product, this product you can't see any unique place, do not see any special value commitment, advise you not to do such a product, because this type of product will soon be submerged in the ocean of the brand, do not think that you provide the lowest price will have the adva cheap jordans online ntage, perhaps your competitors will offer lower prices than you, even if they finally went bankrupt, but there are always people who do". I have had this experience: a study with a customer market, when we entered the original plan of a well-known shopping malls will be opened, see the mall opened two months notice of delay, the reason is that the mall to spend 2 million to invite the brand "Louis Vuitton" is not like the mall front the decoration style and the requirements of the mall re rectification; also because Louis Vuitton this cheap jordans for sale mens requirement, not only to the mall to spend millions of dollars of funds for the standard re decoration, and the original opening was delayed for two months. Just imagine, for two months, for a well-known shopping malls, what will be a concept, which is tens of millions of real money! This is the strength of the brand, but also the value of the brand; and looking at China's national strength gradually strong, we have such a national brand? Does our brand have so much energy? had professionals made specific investigation, the results Cheap air jordans for sale showed that the domestic market: sales in the market in the production of men's leather shoes, Wenzhou accounted for half, but it is interesting that all products are priced to Wenzhou do not touch. From this we can see that the penetration of Wenzhou shoes industry has demonstrated the regional style of Wenzhou shoe industry, and also exposed the problems existing in Wenzhou shoes industry. Especially Wenzhou shoes, after years of exploration and precipitation, although gradually out of a number of enterprises dare to challenge stereo cheap jordans for sale types, but the reality is the "millet plus rifles" era has become history, brand confusion of how to solve? first, the cause of brand dilemma take women's shoes, even today, even though Wenzhou women's shoes have shown a strong regional advantage, some women's shoes enterprises have even had the basic strength to sprint to the brand. But in the face of the market, to everyone's low impression everywhere, even in the vast majority of dealers seems to be the case, but at the same time, dealers require most or low prices. In fact, mos Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping t of the Wenzhou products are not low, and even some brands of products compared with some well-known women's shoes brand products are not inferior, but the market has given a far cry from the evaluation. what is the cause of the passive situation in Wenzhou products? The answer is obvious, there are 3 reasons: 1, historical reasons; 2, enterprise positioning (on the one hand, in order to meet the dealer's low price requirements; another)The Jordan brand is still expanding Premium series Essentials camp, the enduring Air Jordan has b Retro jordans for sale ecome one of the 1. The selection of high-grade leather shoes of body, supplemented by elegant pearl white throughout the body of the shoe, and the tongue with NIKE AIR logo embellishment retro flavor, equipped with rubber field finally ending. item: 555088-114 release date: June 20th air-jordan-1-premium-essentials-sail-release-date-555088-114-4.jpg (131.34 KB, download number: 3) download Air Jordan 1 Premium Essentials Sail officially released 2017-6-8 09:24 upload air-jordan-1-premium-essentials-sail-release-date-555088-114 cheap foamposites -3.jpg (190.03 KB, download number: 2) download Air Jordan 1 Premium Essentials Sail officially released 2017-6-8 09:24 upload air-jordan-1-premium-essentials-sail-release-date-555088-114-5.jpg (107.28 KB, download number: 3) download Air Jordan 1 Premium Essentials Sail officially released 2017-6-8 09:24 upload air-jordan-1-premium-essentials-sail-release-date-555088-114.jpg (118.09 KB, download number: 3) download Air Jordan 1 Premium Essentials Sail officially released 2017-6-8 09:24 upload air-jordan-1-premium-essent Retro jordans for sale ials-sail-release-date-555088-114-0beautiful sheep last night the plum to open two degrees, scored a goal in each half to lead Dortmund into the last 8 of the Europa league. However, we found that Aubameyang the game in the second half still wearing two different shoes debut, is this why? the game in the first half, Aubameyang wearing the latest radiant REVEAL-HBV suit Hypervenom phantom II football shoes, from the enlarged photos, Aubameyang at the foot of the poison Feng second generation of football shoes did not disguise, vamp lin Cheap air jordan 12 ovo es clearly visible, and the ordinary city sold versions are the same. Wearing this pair of shoes, the beautiful sheep sheep in the first half scored very nice shot. in the second half, Obame Yang accidentally wearing Flash Mercurial suit Superfly IV Metal football shoes debut. Why is there a quote, because he had done so many times in the game, but since the first half of the goal, then why the second half to change shoes? And if you change shoes, why not wear the latest color Superfly it? in the previous boots observation we have rep cheap jordan shoes for men eatedly mentioned Aubameyang. He often wears a poison Feng second generation and Superfly two pairs of shoes, not the goal in the first half for another pair, but the goal also change a shoe we really don't know why. Earlier in his Instagram Aubameyang released a hand to take the poison Feng two and Superfly photos, it seems that he did not know what to wear in the end should be? Or if he's happy he's wearing a pair of shoes! We guess and vamp or into the scoring was never mind! Aubameyang in the second half of the shoe in the end what is the reason? Everyone together to talk about, can also be commented on his play is not also had changed shoes, it is because of what? source: enjoyzThe new NIKE boutique near the end of the year frequently exposed, here we have to mention the Nike Flight Maestro Plus shoes. We all remember the 93-94 season all star game MVP wear big shoes Pippen? Yes, that is so attracted people attention, but this time with a pair of big shoes based on Nike Air Maestro Nike Flight Maestro Plus mixed shoes, we can see the Nike Air Maestro from shadow, new shoes Nike Air Maestro Flight mixed charge increases the Max air cushion, increase the upper height, performance compared to Nike Air Maestro much better. On the color matching, the whole shoe is made of black suede and leather, and the midsole and outsole of the shoes are invariably black, and the whole shoe can not find a trace of color. This section is now available on Finishline, and friends who like you can pay attention to it.Download (23.91 KB)2008-9-3-Nike Air Force Canadian white man Kelly & middot; Ollie nick from the involved in the draft since has been fixed in a senior blue collar player level, its most famous Mo too on the first match of the season the Cavaliers G4 game in the face, Jiangle Fu arm pull dislocating event. In the game show the aggressive side at the same time, he also to the public show artistic side, customize the shoes of a variety of green army elements, we first to see fast. Nike KD 6 "Big Buck Hunter" Air Jordan XI" 72-10" Kobe Nike 11 "" EnergyNike KD 6, KD Elite 6 & Hyperdunk 2012 Low "Long Hair Don" t Care set"Source: nicekicks

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