The thief is really 6, the whole truck was robbed of a break off shoes NIKE shoes shoes sports equip - New Shoes Release 2017
's friend now find a career opportunity for sneakers? Earlier YEEZY FCL robbed, then someone stole more than 800 pairs of shoes in the NIKE store, this is the whole truck stolen NIKE shoes! this month in Memphis, a theft occurred in the United States, a full , Nike , sports shoes semi-trailer truck was looted, the total loss of up to $14000 U.S. dollars. Nike in Memphis is the nation's largest distribution center is located, and this truck stolen belongs to CEVA logistics company, before the incident because of the need to repair tires so the driver stopped the truck at the location of the temporary, and when the driver came back and found the door the thief has been cut off, and the car all the shoes have been looted. At present, the local police are actively investigating the theft.

APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! foreign media reporters recently visited the new company ENVE is located in the state of Utah, although the company is in the state of Utah before Ogden, but in October of last year, ENVE Amer Sports (with Mavic) soon after the acquisition has moved to a new 73000 square foot factory "". Why do you call it the "company factory"? Because of ENVE sales, design, engineering, manufacturing and warehousing are done under the same roof.

ENVE can make 130 thousand rims each year, mostly for its own home, finished products, and a small group for retail use.

A new 73000 square foot
which is ENVE, is located in Ogden, Utah, the scenery is picturesque.

The exhibition hall
part factory, the wheel assembly to better display
in the car

ENVE CEO Sarah · in 2016 for the new factory; Lehman ribbon.

Stand, bending the seat tube, and drum and is now part of the ENVE "arsenal"
, but not manufacturing in Utah, you know.

More than
of the products are made in Asia, finished painting and packing in Utah, and then sold to you.

ENVE has 34 different quality control and inspection system.

The ventilation system
strong carbon fiber and coating to ensure the health of workers.

's laughing at the opening ceremony.

aerodynamics expert "ENVE Smart" (Simon) plays an important role in the design process of the wheel group.

ENVE employees are very fond of riding.

why does a carbon fiber factory produce so much metal waste? Because ENVE produces the metal mold by itself. In order to produce prototype products and refine the shape of the product, the ENVE must refine the shape of the mold.

ENVE also needs to be kept confidential for some process, such as rim structure details.
computer will cut carbon cloth specific shape, be placed in the wheel mold.

can imagine the rim is composed of the bar carbon cloth?

ENVE to show off their products in the high-end custom frame.

ENVE has a variety of styles of wheels, there is always a can meet your needs. AP>
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